Oregon Emergency Alert System (EAS) Plan
Last Updated 12/27/2015
Download Oregon State EAS plan (ver 12.3 rev. 09-15-14)

Adobe Acrobat Plug in Required to view document.  Download Acrobat Reader here.

Download the current FCC EAS Operators Handbook

For AM, FM, TV, or Cable Operators.  Adobe Acrobat Plug in Required to view document. Download Acrobat Reader here.

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EAS information from the national SBE website: http://www.sbe.org/eas/eas.html

Calendar2015 Statewide EAS Required
Monthly Test (RMT) Schedule

Calendar2016 Statewide EAS Required
Monthly Test (RMT) Schedule


ALL the required Oregon EAS Monitoring Assignments (rev. 02-03-15)


Also check the Oregon Association of Broadcasters site.

If you have any questions or problems contact us.  Many thanks to Chris Reid "Ichabod" Murray for compiling this detailed list.

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